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March 21, 2004 - Matthew 13.54-58.

Open It

  1. What do you like best and least about your hometown?

  2. What would your family say you were like as a little kid?

  3. How would your high school or college friends react if they heard you were in a serious Bible study?

  4. What former classmate has surprised you since you graduated from high school? Why?

Explore It

  1. What did Jesus do when he finished telling his parables? (Matthew 13:53)

  2. Where did Jesus go? (Matthew 13:54)

  3. What did Jesus do in his hometown? (Matthew 13:54)

  4. Where exactly did Jesus preach? (Matthew 13:54)

  5. What was the public response to Jesus' message? (Matthew 13:54)

  6. What kinds of questions were the folks in Nazareth asking? (Matthew 13:55)

  7. What family ties did the townspeople of Nazareth recognize Jesus as having? (Matthew 13:55)

  8. How did the people feel about "one of their own" saying wise things and doing amazing miracles? (Matthew 13:57)

  9. How did Jesus explain their reaction to him? (Matthew 13:57)

  10. What did Jesus not do in Nazareth-at least in any great amount? Why? (Matthew 13:58)

  11. What caused Jesus to refrain from doing miracles in Nazareth? (Matthew 13:58)

Get It

  1. How would you react if a guy from your neighborhood started doing miracles and claiming to be God?

  2. What are some ways we limit the work of Christ by our unbelief?

  3. Why are we more often impressed by people we don't know than by people we do know?

  4. Why do we have a tendency to downplay the accomplishments of people we are close to?

  5. Do you ever born the burden of negative attitudes when people become aware that you are a Christian?

  6. In what ways do you struggle to live down your past?

Apply It

  1. What are three things you need to trust Christ for in the coming week?

  2. How can you strengthen your faith in Jesus during this time so that He can work in and through you?

  3. What family members or old friends will you commit to visit or call in the next month to tell them about the changes that Christ is helping to create in you?


Matthew 13:55: The residents of Jesus' hometown had known Jesus since he was a young child and were acquainted with his family; they could not bring themselves to believe in his message. They were too close to the situation. Jesus had come to them as a prophet, one who challenged them to respond to unpopular spiritual truth. They did not listen to the timeless message because they could not see beyond the man.

Matthew 13:57: Jesus was not the first prophet to be rejected in his own country. Jeremiah experienced rejection in his hometown, even by members of his own family (Jeremiah 12:5-6).

Matthew 13:58: Jesus did few miracles in his hometown "because of their lack of faith." Lack of faith blinds people to the truth and robs them of hope. These people missed the Messiah. How does your faith measure up? What have you experienced of the power and scope of God's work in you? Look with the eyes of faith.

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